United States 1st Ranger Battalion

Origin of the Rangers goes back to the Colonial Period and the American Revolution. Rogers’ Rangers was established in 1751 by Major Robert Rogers, who organized nine Ranger companies in the American colonies. These early American light infantry units, organized during the French and Indian War, bore the name “Rangers” and were the forerunners of the modern Army Rangers. Major Rogers drafted the first currently-known set of standard orders for rangers. These rules, Robert Rogers’ 28 “Rules of Ranging”, are still provided to all new Army Rangers upon graduation from training, and served as one of the first modern manuals for asymmetric warfare.

8 June 1942: Major took command of this new elite unit. He selected 50 men from the 34th Infantry Division

19 August 1942: The rangers fought alongside Canadian and British commandos in the Dieppe Raid on the Coast of occupied France.

November 1942: Assaulted Vichy-French batteries and fortifications near Arzew, Algeria. Full article

11 February 1943: Attack of an Italian Encampment at Sened Staion.

30 January 1944: Together with 3rd Battalion were to occupy Cisterna but were defeated. Out of 767 men, only 6 escaped. Full Article

26 Oktober 1944: Battalion was deactivated at Camp Butner, North Carolina.

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