United States, 1st Infantry Division

Nickname: The Big Red One & The Fighting First

The 1st Infantry Division is the oldest continuously serving division in the United States army. It has seen action in all American wars since 1917, except the Korean Between WWI and WWII, it was the one of four divisions retained on active duty. It was the first Army division to undergo amphibious training

World War 1

14 June 1917: First units left for France, Le Havre.

22 June 1917: Last units arriving in Le Havre, France.

4 July 1917: The Division marches through Paris to bolster the french morale.

23 Oktober 1917: The first American shells are fired at the German lines.

April 1918 : The German Army has pushed to 40 miles of Paris. The village Cantigny is attack by the division and taken within 45 minutes, achieving the first American victory of the war.

Juli 1918: Soissons was taken by the 1st Division losing 700 men killed or wounded.

11 to 13 September 1918: The division took part in the first offensive of an American Army and helped to clear the Saint-Mihiel.

26 September 1918: Took part in the Meuse Argonne offensive. The division advanced a total of seven kilometers and defeated, in whole or part, eight German divisions.

World War 2

1 August 1942: Departed New York Port of Embarkation for overseas deployment

8 August 1942: Arrived in Beaminiter, England.

22 October 1942: Departed for the combat amphibious assault on North Africa

9 November 1942: The division landed in Oran, Algeria to take part in Operation Torch. Elements took part in combat at Maktar, Tebourba, Medjez el Bab,  the battle of kasarine pass and Gafsa. It then led the allied assault in brutal fighting at El Guettar, Beja and Mateur. Full article

21 January 1943: Took part in combat to secure Tunisia.

9 May 1943: Tunesia campaign has ended.

Juli 1943: The division took part in Operation Huskey. It made amphibious landing at Gela. There it opposed Italian and German tanks. It then moved through the center of Sicily, moving through the mountains of Troina alongside the 45th I.D

5 Nov 1943: Return to England to prepare for the Normandy Invasion.

6 Jun 1944: The 1st and one regimental combat team from the 29th I.D comprised the first wave of troops assaulting the German defenses on Omaha Beach securing Formigny and Caumont by the end of the day.

27 Jul 1944: A break-through at Saint-Lo with an attack on Marigny.

September 1944: With an continuous offensive through France it reached the German Border at Aachen. Full Article

21 Oct 1944: Takes the city of Aachen after a direct assault Full Article. The division then attacked east of Aachen through the Hurtgen Forest driving to the Rur.River.

7 Dec 1944: Moved to a rest area for refitting and rest after 6 months of combat.

16 Dec 1944: When ‘Wacht am Rheim’ started (Battle of the Bulge) the division was quickly moved to the Ardennes were fought until January 28th 1945 helping to blunt and reverse the German offensive.

23 Feb 1945: It again breached the Westwall (Siegfried Line), fought across the Rur River and drove on to the Rhine.

15 Mar 1945: The division crossing the Remagen bridgehead, took part in the encirclement of the Ruhr pocket, captured Paderborn, pushed through the Harz mountains and was in Czechoslovakia fighting at Kinsperk, Sangerberg and Mnichov when the war in Europe ended.

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